Revolt​!​-​1984 Demos

by No Fraud

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As founding member Dan Destructo told us, these early demos from 1984 pre-date their first legit demo and all other recordings.
So here you have another unearthed treasure trove from SIX WEEKS of early 80’s punk rock for all the hardcore/punk fiends out there. These tracks, mostly recorded in a garage in 1984, represent this classic band at their most ferocious: 18 songs of pure, undiluted hardcore punk, played at intensely high speeds (think D.R.I. and a million pissed suburban HC bands) and with an intense youthful energy only found from bands of this era. This record contains 17 songs, most of which have remained unreleased to this day and painstakingly resurrected/re-mastered for this special release. The package is complete with lengthy and thorough liner notes by founding member Dan Destructo and jam packed with classic photos, flyers and news clippings documenting the intense and dangerous lifestyle of 1980’s punks living and playing in Florida. A release definitely not to be missed by hardcore punk addicts in the USA and worldwide.

Released on Six Weeks Records in 2014.


released May 31, 2015



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No Fraud Venice, Florida


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Track Name: Blowing Chunks

I’m not feeling right
I think I drank too much tonight
Tomorrow morning will come too soon
I think I will spill it now
Instead of the next day at noon
It was fun when I started
Shoulda stopped when I farted
I did not heed the sign
Now I’m puking shit red as wine

Blowing Chunks Is So Much Fun (3X)
It’s so much fun

Bending at the waist
I’m expelling it in haste
The taste on my tongue
Makes me feel so young again
Stopped at the store to buy a six-pack
Didn’t have the dough
Feeling really wasted
I just wanna let it go
Blowing Chunks!
Track Name: Venice Hillbillies
"Venice Hillbillies"

Well let me tell ya a little story
About me and my friend Billy Bob
We’s driving down Highway U.S. 41
Saw some punks with a broken engine
As we stopped and proceeded to beat their heads in
This here song was playing on the radio

Rednecks IQ of 2
Rednecks I hate you
Rednecks ugly and dumb
Rednecks smelly scum
Rednecks cops on your side
Rednecks you don’t have to hide
Rednecks J.D.’s and beers
Rednecks soon to fear

Red Necks Red Rednecks

Drive by up real high
Inside your four wheel drive
Look down on us below
The ones you used to know
Red Red Rednecks fuck off and die

Red Necks Red Necks

Rednecks IQ of 2
Rednecks I hate you
Rednecks ugly and dumb
Rednecks smelly scum